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JINXU ELEJXC1 Series Household AC Contactors
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Product name:JXC1 Series Household AC Contactors
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   JXC1-20/25/40/63 household AC contactor(referred to as contactor) is applied to circuits withAC current frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz ,rated operational voltage up to 230V in power system. InAC-7a use category,rated operational voltage up to 230V and rated operational current up to63A,it's used for remote making and breaking circuits.The products is applied to household appliances and similar use of Low-inductive load ,and control of household motor load.  

This products conforms to GB17885,standards IEC1095.

Type and Meaning

Normal operation and mounting requirement
1. Circumstance temperature -5°C ~ +40°C, average temperature within 24h not exceeding+35°C.
2. Altitude above sea level less than 2000 m.
3. At mounting side,relative humidity no exceeding 50% at the max temperature of +40°C,Higherrelative humidity is allowable under lower temperature.At mounting side,relative humidity noexceeding 90% at the max temperature of +25°C,And taking into account temperature changeson the surface of the condensation product.4.Installation class II or III.
5.Pollution class 2.
6. Installation method DIN Rail mounting type.

Technical Data
Rated insulation voltage , Conventional thermal,Using type and Corresponding to rated operating current ,control power in Table 1

Operating conditions
In the temperature range of 5°C-+40 °C,Attracted to the contactor coil effected rated voltage Us,when toheat to a steady state,Contactors in (85% -110%) Us range that any voltage can be reliably closed, thevoltage is not higher than the release of 75% Us, not less than 20% Us.

Making and breaking capacity in Table 2

Agreed operational performance in Table 3

Mechanical life:contactor mechanical life is not less than 1x105 timesElectrical life:contactor electrical life is not less than 3x105 times

Contactor size dimensions and installation requirements shown below

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